Simple 6 Step Process

Simple 6 Step Process

How To Plan Your New Outdoors Lifestyle Addition – The Northern Rivers Pools Simple 6 Step Process…



Your initial inquiry will be handled by our friendly team in the office who will be happy to answer any questions you may have. You may also wish to schedule an appointment with one of our expert advisors for the purpose of offering you invaluable advice & ideas to assist you to plan the ‘big picture’ that you desire & long for.




Your site inspection will be comprehensive and guided by your vision. The purpose is to offer to you the ultimate straightforward yet professional advice to help you plan your dream outdoors piece of paradise.

Without a doubt, you will have an idea of what you are trying to achieve. However, by seeking advice from an expert that can foresee potential challenges or opportunities can greatly assist you to create your dream and ultimately add considerable value to your property.

Our expert advisor will discuss with you the most effective ways to include a in-ground swimming pool in your yard while addressing issues such as positioning your pool to avoid excessive shade and designing the overall layout to make best use of the available space for landscaping or your individual requirements.

If you decide that a in-ground swimming pool is a fit for your plans, Our expert advisor will be happy to present to you the many choices and options that are available for you to consider. Once you have selected your desired design and options, our expert advisor will be able to prepare for you a 100% guaranteed no hidden extra costs or charges proposal, giving you the peace of mind knowing that you won’t later be hit up for variations that could ultimately add thousands of dollars to the final cost.

your 100% guaranteed no hidden extra costs or charges proposal will be worked out & presented to you on the spot. We DO NOT make up a price & then email you a quote, allowing our expert advisor to ensure that all the necessary information and special requests can be addressed to confidently offer you our unique and unmatched guarantee.




You’ve decided that Northern Rivers Pools is the obvious choice to help you create your dream outdoors piece of paradise and you’re ready to go ahead. Great choice. Now it’s time to get the formalities out of the way.

Should you decide, like so many happy pool owners before you have done, to move ahead, our expert advisor will be prepared with an agreement & all of the council forms ready for you to sign to get the ball rolling. If you need a little more time to decide we will schedule another appointment with you when you’re ready to take the plunge.

As with any standard construction type contract your total price will be broken down into 5 progress payments. Your deposit of 10% of contract price is all that’s required now to get the balls rolling.



This is where it all starts happening behind the scenes while you go about your daily life. Once your contract has been signed and accepted, your job is entered into our system and processed to meet with your council’s approval procedures.

After arranging for Home Warranty Insurance as required by state legislation for any construction where the contract price is over $20,000, we then present your application to council who then determine whether there are any issues that need to be dealt with before installation can take place.

This process usually takes up to ‘6-12 weeks. *council dependant* , during which time we have ordered your pool shell along with pumps, filtration system and other components.




It’s getting close now. As soon as we receive advice from council that your application has been approved and from Leisure Pools that your shell and equipment are ready, we will notify you that your swimming pools installation has been scheduled in our system.

Typically, as long as you’re ready and the weather gods are being favorable to us it’s now 3-4 weeks before your new pool will be in the ground. We’ll let you know again what to expect and anything you need to arrange for so that when it comes to installation day there are no nasty little surprises that have been missed.




It’s here, the day you’ve been anxiously waiting for.

On Day 1, you’ll be asked to meet Grant early to confirm and mark out the positioning of your pool, discuss finished levels and verify the location where pumps and filtration equipment will be. Generally, the pool shell and equipment will be delivered this morning also, so we need you to check that it arrives safely and in perfect condition, as you would expect.

Then we’ll get onto it. Usually by the end of the first day we’ll have the excavation complete, your pool will be in the ground and any soil you want taken away will be removed.

To ensure the safety of children and pets, and to comply with Health & Safety obligations we will also ensure that all excavation is fenced temporarily until your permanent fencing is installed.

On Day 2, all the plumbing works and installation of pumps and filtration equipment take place.

On Day 3, your new pool will be filled with water that we organize to be trucked in. While being filled, we’ll also be carefully back filling between the shell and the excavated hole to ensure that correct levels and shape are maintained.

Days 4 to 10 will be the settling period where any movement or compaction from the surrounding ground takes place and ensures that we get a stable surface to lay the bond beam and coping around the pool.

Between Days 11 and 20, we will complete the coping, any tiling, paving or fencing that you have asked us to do. We’ll also make sure that the water pH and filtration is operating at optimum levels.

Day 21 is handover day. Today we’ll spend some time with you going over all aspects of the completed installation, show you how to operate the filtration and any other equipment fitted. Grant will make sure that you are happy and confident with all aspects and ensure that your site is left tidy and free of rubbish.

Of course, if at any time you have any concerns or problems after handover, simply give us a call here at Northern Rivers Pools and we will help you out and solve any problems you might be having.

Naturally, the timing of these stages may vary slightly because of weather conditions or earlier than expected settling. We think it’s important enough to provide you this time frame guide so that you are informed and understand the processes involved.


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